Saturday, April 23, 2016

Meet Sharon Hinck

Sharon Hinck writes stories about ordinary heroes, genres spanning fantasy, women's fiction, humor, and even a cozy mystery. But no matter the genre, the plots provide plenty adventure with sympathetic characters and deep spiritual insights.

Science-fiction and fantasy can be a dark and cruel world. Yet Sharon Hinck's books carry a grace and gentleness that many books in this genre lack. And it is not because the content is a bunch of fluff either. Her stories tackle some very painful and difficult topics, while plumbing some deep spiritual questions. Yet darkness never overwhelms, keeping the stories accessible to even younger teens.

Books promoted by Imagination Investigation:
The Restorer
The Restorer's Son
The Restorer's Journey
The Deliverer
The Secret Life of Becky Miller
Renovating Becky Miller
Symphony of Secrets
Stepping into Sunlight

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