Friday, April 8, 2016

Meet Kathy Tyers

The most Kathy Tyers novels belong in the world of science fantasy, the same subgenre which the Star Wars series inhabited. They offer exciting adventures beside characters you will love or hate, with a strong spiritual thread woven in. Indeed, Firebird remains one of the best examples of balance between story and spiritual thread that I know of on the market today.

I was actually introduced to Firebird at one of the very first writing conferences I attended. I resisted reading the book early on, but when I finally did, I never regretted it. Lady Firebird captured my heart from page one, and that original trilogy is one of the biggest reasons I write science fiction and fantasy today--it allowed me to see what modern Christian science fiction and fantasy were capable of doing.

Books offered by Imagination Investigation:
Fusion Fire
Crown of Fire
Wind and Shadow
The Annotated Firebird
Shivering World

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