Monday, November 29, 2010

Misconceptions about Discernment

Pick a topic, any topic. Theology. Politics. Sports. Books & movies. Health. Then talk about it with a cross-section of fellow-Christians. Discussion will certainly arise. So will hackles. And as the discussion progresses and become more heated, each side, no matter their position, will likely contend they are right with a blind adamancy they cannot seem to defend.

How can this happen? How can such blindness, such indefensible adamancy arise exist among a group exhorted by their ultimate authority, the Bible, to be wise as serpents, to always have an answer prepared, and to take every thought captive?

Because discernment has become lost in the church and our spiritual lives imbalanced.

This imbalance can take many forms. Anything-goes liberalism. List-regulated legalism. Stunted-growth baby Christians who are completely dependent on others for the truth. But just like with the physical body, any imbalance left unchecked is unhealthy and potentially dangerous.

So why are Christians failing to develop the necessary regulator of discernment?

The reasons are many and go far beyond my knowledge and ability to tackle here. However, I think several misconceptions have contributed to the problem. So during the next few weeks I will look at five of the misconceptions I’ve seen and their truth counterpoints.

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