Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Preparations for Round Two

Although I hadn’t originally planned to, I decided to tackle vendoring a second homeschool conference. This time I am headed to NICHE (The Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators) the first weekend in June.

I know, I know. As if my life weren’t busy enough with all the different writing projects I have going. But I love to talk about books, talk about science-fiction and fantasy, and talk about how faith and fiction intersect. Oh yeah, it also lets me talk to people who are outside my head. Do you know what a treat that is for author like me?

I’m especially excited about this conference as I have an opportunity to present a workshop. I haven’t had this chance before, and I’m looking forward to talking about the power and benefits of fiction.

My table will be loaded too, with free handouts on a variety of fiction topics as well as my large selection of books (I’ve exceed 100 now). While I won’t have hard copies of every book to showcase, getting all I do have on one table is always an exercise in creativity.

The book list will look very similar to the one I posted for the last conference (see it here), but of course spring is a major time for new releases, and three months also allows for plenty of time to discover older books. So in addition to original list I plan to include some new books:

For science-fiction and fantasy:
The Cooper Kids Series by Frank Peretti
Beyond Corista (Shadowside Trilogy #3 by Robert Elmer)
Nightmare’s Edge (Echoes from the Edge #3 by Bryan Davis)
The Vanishing Sculptor (Book 1 in a new series by Donita K. Paul)
By Darkness Hid (The Blood of Kings #1 by Jill Williamson)

For Other Genres:
Exposure (Stand-alone suspense by Brandilyn Collins)
Always Watching (The Rayne Tour #1—a new suspense series for teens by Brandilyn and Amberly Collins)
A Bride in the Bargain (Stand-alone historical romance by Deeanne Gist)
To Catch a Thief Series (Mystery by Elizabeth Jill Nelson)
Nothing But Trouble (Mystery/romance by Susan May Warren)
Plus the newest Sisterchick (Gunn) and A.D. Chronicle (Thoene)

I also have a couple newer sci-fi and fantasy authors I’m investigating. However, I prefer to have personally read almost everything on my table so I can recommend books and answer questions better. As a results, any additions will depends on time and that, unfortunately, is starting to run out.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the conference, and if any of you are around, please stop by and say hi. I’d love to chat with someone made of real flesh and blood. :o)

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