Monday, May 11, 2009

Desensitization Summary

Desensitization is the cancer of the heart. It’s swift and silent, able to poison emotions, logic, will, attitudes, and actions. Though starting deceptively simple, desensitization destroys and kills if left untreated.

But this disease rarely strikes all at once, but rather grows in five basic stages. Rationalization—questioning the evilness of evil—comes first, followed by finger-pointing self-justification. Stage-three complacency numbs any lingering sensitivity so that snobbery and the addiction of gluttony can take over.

Prevention is the best method of dealing with desensitization, but sometimes all the precautionary actions cannot stop its growth. In that case the radical steps of re-sensitization are necessary: acknowledgement of a problem, withdrawal, accountability, and in-depth, daily Bible study.

Then, and only then, can re-introduction occur, with proper guardrails in place. Of course, once the cancer has been detected, regular check-ups will be necessary to keep an eye out for a reoccurrence.

So yes, desensitization is dangerous, more so than many people realize. But it doesn’t need to be deadly. Examine your heart and take the next steps toward health today.

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