Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Stronger Faith

It is easiest to trust God during the good times.

Over and over I have heard this and a couple days ago I read it again. But is it true?

For while it’s easy to say I trust God is the good times, do I do it? Finances are in the black. My family gets along with no major conflict and everyone is healthy. Work progresses smoothly, with that big promotion in sight. Every dream is on the verge on being fulfilled and my life is perfect. What is left to drive me to depend on Him?

Then wham! Disaster strikes.

Disease cripples the body. Job lay-offs come. Ends are barely meeting. Conflict confronts me at every turn, and my self-sufficiency dissolves. I try to fix the problem, change my lifestyle, or land a better job, but nothing helps. I work harder, drive myself farther, push deeper for solutions—only to make things worse.

Then I rail against God, screaming, “How? How could You do this to me! Everything was going well. Why did You let this happen?” Disillusion sets in. Yet why do I blame God? He did not fail me. My crutch did.

Now I am driven to my knees, weak and helpless—and finally aware of it. Where else can I turn? Only God holds the answers.

Trembling I step forward into the darkness of the unknown, without my crutch, dependent on the belief that what God says is true simply because He says it is.

And isn’t that the mark of real faith—whether in good times or bad?

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