Monday, July 21, 2008

CSFF Tour: Starring Donita K. Paul!

This month it is my honor and delight to announce that Donita K. Paul and her YA novel, DragonLight, are in the spotlight for the Christian Science-Fiction and Fantasy (CSFF) Tour!

I discovered the first book of the Dragon Keeper Chronicles, DragonSpell, soon after its publication in 2004. The plot wasn’t the greatest I’ve ever encountered, but the characters captivated me. How can you not like a dragon that faints at the smallest sign of trouble? Or a bumbling, grumpy wizard with a heart of gold? Or a grumbling librarian whom I suspect loves questing despite all his protests?

Since then, I have grabbed each new book as soon as I could afford it, and it has been fun to watch the author grow as a writer alongside the personal growth of the characters.

This tour specifically focuses on the last book of the Dragon Keeper Chronicles, DragonLight. But the finale of series couldn’t be without the books that come before, so you might want to check out my review of DragonSpell and the subsequent books. Then jump over to Ms. Paul’s website with her plethora of fun stuff from photo galleries to fan fiction to stuff for writers and readers. Also stop by some of the other tour bloggers (listed below), and finally come back during the next couple days for my review of DragonLight and an interview with Ms. Paul about wizardry, dragons, and…pickles?

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