Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Passion

After I became a writer, I discovered I have a deep passion for understanding how faith intersects with fiction and a desire to help others apply discernment to fiction as well.

I don’t totally understand why, but most people seem to have one of two prevailing views of fiction. Either they believe they can read and watch whatever they want because it has no long-tem impact on them. Or they read/watch only Christian stories (meaning the blatantly Christian material) because everything else is evil.

As a writer, I know that fiction has an impact; I’ve heard too many stories. But as I’ve studied the craft, I’ve also come to appreciate and value what many secular stories have to offer. So surely there can be a balance between the two extremes!

So I set out to understand—and help others understand—how to find the middle ground. In many ways, this blog is an outlet for that desire, with each Monday post focusing on a principle of discernment in fiction, and the Friday reviews showing my attempt to apply those principles in practical ways.

But for a while now, I have wished to teach all this material with the immediate feedback and interaction of a class. And finally that chance has arrived.

Starting in September and running through the end of November I will be teaching a weekly class on discernment in fictional media. I’m thrilled. I’m petrified. I am so out of my comfort zone. If I didn’t feel so strongly about this…

So what will result? Only God knows. But I guess I’m about to find out how deep that passion dives.

(By the way, if you live in the Twin Cities area and are interested in attending the class, email me and I’ll be glad to provide more information. If you’re wishing you lived in the Twin Cities so you could attend, contact me for other possible options.)


mt hood said...

afternoon! i just found your blog when i googled allegory, and now i cant stop reading it. if there is any way possible of perhaps getting an mp3 or tape of your classes, i would greatly appreciate it! i also am a Christian fiction writer, mainly i set sail in allegorical i found your review quite helpful. i dont post much (if not at all) on this blog, rather on my livejournal. i find myself agreeing with just about every point you have made so far in my reading, and i am proud to say that you have planted a seed of inspiration in my mind, simply by stating your beliefs. good luck, God bless.

Brandon said...

That's so cool you're teaching a class on that subject!

I'd be out of my comfort zone too. Where are you teaching at? A library? a church?

Chawna Schroeder said...

Hi, Brandon--
I'm going to be teaching this class at my home church.

Hey, Mt Hood, I'm glad you're enjoying browsing the blog. Unfortunately, I'm new to the realm of teaching my discernment in fiction material. I have dreams of what I would like to do--including a book and audio recordings--but so far, those are only dreams and you're looking at the only available material thus far.

Of course, I'm more than willing to consider the possibilities of travel elsewhere to teach or even doing webinars (live teaching over the internet)... :o)