Monday, August 24, 2009

Enemy Territory Summary

Definition of enemy territory: Books or movies far outside your normal boundaries, especially outside the Scriptural foundation.

This includes (but is not limited to) stories with known anti-biblical content, controversial content, obsessively popular stories, unfamiliar territory, and stories that trigger other warning signs (e.g. a negative gut reaction).

Factors to consider before a mission:
--Is the boundary being crossed personal (whether maturity or other) or biblical?
--Will the benefits outweigh the dangers?
--Is this a one-time deal?
--Do you need to personally do this or can you rely on other sources?
--Is this the proper time to attempt this?
--Have you preceded your decision with plenty of prayer and a willing heart to obey God’s directives?

How to proceed:
--Know your mission. Be as specific as possible!
--Surround yourself with allies. There’s safety in numbers.
--Be prepared. Gather information, gear, and a plan of action.
--Proceed with caution. God has the master plan; listen to Him.
--Don’t linger. Mission accomplished? Go home and celebrate.

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