Wednesday, June 21, 2023

My New Release: Simplifying Revelation

My new Bible study, Simplifying Revelation, is officially available to purchase!

I had never intended to release a Bible study on this difficult book, much less make it my first. But one of my students from a Bible study I teach kept asking if we were in Revelation yet. (I do tend to take very long to teach through a book of the Bible…)

So eventually I caved to the request and agreed to teach on Revelation.

However, I knew I lacked sufficient knowledge and ability to teach Revelation as I had been teaching other Scripture, working at an in-depth, word-by-word level. So what could I do? Especially since many of my students had attended Bible studies for decades. How could I avoid doing what had been done dozens of other times by them?

Then I realized that most studies and sermon series either do a broad overview or focus on how to interpret the events found within Revelation. Neither really do the book justice.

So I decided we would do a verse-by-verse study…but focusing on just the facts. What does Revelation actually say, free from human interpretation and speculation? So my study Simplifying Revelation was born.

In here you will find no prophetic timelines, no discussion about when rapture will occur, no speculations about the mark of the beast. Rather, I will ask you to look at each verse of every chapter and tell me what it actually says, from which then you can draw conclusions about what we can know for sure. Then I will offer a few thoughts about how each chapter practically applies to our lives today, no matter where we are in history.

This might not sound like a very intriguing way to study Revelation. Even I was concerned when I first started teaching it. But though I have read and studied Revelation several times in the past, I was surprised how much I learned. There were so many details I had overlooked, some of which connected to other Scriptures in ways I had never seen and changed the way I thought.

I suspect I might not be the only one. For if nothing else, this study will help you to slow down and help you really see the words of Revelation. And in doing so, I believe you will find some unexpected gems too.

So what are you waiting for? Simple enough for a new Christian reading Revelation for the very first time and detailed enough an old saint in the Lord who knows the book like their own reflection, Simplifying Revelation provides a straightforward way to look afresh at this marvelous piece of Scripture, whether on your own, with a friend, or with a small group.

Buy Simplifying Revelation now. 

Learn more about Simplifying Revelation and read a sample.

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