Friday, September 28, 2007

ACFW Conference Pictures

I don't have tons of pictures from the conference like some, but I had enough sense (usually) to capture some of the highlights from the conference.

One of the biggest deals for me this year was Saturday night's banquet. For this, we are required to dress up and many woman take the opportunity to wear fancy formal gowns (a trend, I believe, begun by Brandilyn Collins). I've never had a really nice gown like that since my sister's wedding when I was in fourth grade, so this year I thought it high time for one. I designed the dress and my mother volunteered to make it. The result? Judge for yourself:

The banquet was also exciting because many awards are handed out both for the published and unpublished novelist. My friend Sharon Hinck was up for the Book of the Year award (published writers) with her book The Secret Life of Becky Miller. To my delight, she placed second in her category (mom/hen/lady/chick lit). So how could I not mark that great occasion with a picture?

Of course overall I had a great time seeing mentors and friends:

(Left: Me and Brandilyn Collins at Banquet. Right: Shannon McNear and me on last day of conference)

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