Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Imagination Investigation: Virtual Bookstore Hours

Have you ever wandered through a bookstore or browsed an online listing and found a book that looked intriguing—only to walk away because you just weren’t quite sure if that book was for you? I know I have, far more times than I can count. It is an experience that always leaves me wishing I had someone there whom I could ask about the book—someone who had read the book, someone whom I could trust.
That is what Imagination Investigation seeks to provide. A real person who is a reader just like you. Who loves books and knows that satisfaction of finding that perfect story which connects with the heart and mind. And who wants that same experience for you.
As a result, I only carry books which I feel I can personally vouch for. Books with incredible storylines, delightful characters, and edifying content. As a result, I only carry books written by those professing to be Christians, as far as I can tell. Moreover, I have personally read the vast majority of the books I sell (about 80%) with the remainder by authors whom I trust or which came strongly recommended from a trusted source.
This allows me as the bookseller to come alongside you and provide the information you need to decide whether this is really the book for you. Is there some kind of content you want to avoid? Then I’ll steer you away from the books that contain that. Are there certain elements you want? I can point you in the right direction. Or simply tell me about your favorite books and movies, and I’ll try to find you something similar, even if I don’t personally carry it. Because what matters most is finding you that perfect match.
For at its heart, Imagination Investigation is a bookstore run by a booklover for booklovers, because I want fabulous stories to find their way into the hands of new readers and for readers to discover that new favorite story that seemed written especially for them.
Now normally, I would be traveling to several homeschool conferences during this spring with the mobile version of Imagination Investigation, but due to the current restrictions, all such conferences have been canceled. Instead, I have recently set up “virtual” bookstore hours—times you can log into a video conferencing room, speak with me personally, and “browse” my books, just like you would on the conference floor.

Virtual Hours
Tuesdays 2-4 pm (Central)
Fridays 2-4 pm (Central)
By appointment: Contact me through my contact page

During the posted hours you can access my digital bookstore room through: 
Meeting room number 126 353 2566

Meanwhile browse my online store, which contains additional information about both the fiction and the nonfiction I offer, check out what workshop & seminars I teach, or stop by my blog. For specific questions, feel free to contact me directly at imaginationinvestigation @ yahoo dot com.

~Chawna Schroeder

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