Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Personal Limitations: Dealing with Blind Spots

Biblical literacy defines what is good. Spiritual maturity allows us to separate good and evil, in order that we might keep the good and throw the bad. In theory, this is all we should require to discern.

The reality is that we live in a broken world, where things don’t always work as they ought. Indeed, we ourselves are broken. So although God is mending us who follow Christ day by day, we all have areas of weaknesses, places where good and evil simply won’t separate, no matter how hard we try.

This is why we need to be aware of our personal limitations. Personal limitations are the extra boundaries we place on ourselves due to a weakness hampering our ability to separate good and evil. So what we are guarding against is not necessarily the evil. We are guarding against an area of personal danger—a blind spot wherein we cannot see clearly. For if we can’t see clearly, we cannot separate, and if we can’t separate, we can’t discern.

Therefore, personal limitations provide us an extra layer of protection for where we currently lack discernment. They help guard us against fallacies which would exploit our weaknesses. They defend against those weaknesses being used to infect the rest of our lives. Personal limitations shield us from driving unintentionally over a cliff to our deaths. 

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