Monday, November 7, 2016

On this Election Eve

For the most part, I prefer to stay silent on political issues. It is not an area in which I have been trained or I have been called to speak. So while I sometimes have thoughts on what is going on, I do not feel it is something I should be vocal about in a public forum for the most part. And even now, I do not believe it is my place to say whom you should vote for. After all, I might be wrong in what I would advise you, and that is not a responsibility that I want to shoulder.

But on this election eve, I do have two requests of my fellow American citizens:

1. Vote. That's it. Just vote. You may or may not like your choices this year, but the fact remains that we do have choices. That is a wonderful privilege and a huge responsibility. Don't neglect it.

2. Don't vote out of fear, anger or hate. Every vote cast from fear, anger or hate is really a vote cast for Satan, no matter the candidate it is cast for. For it is Satan who rules with fear, encourages dissension, and flames anger into uncontrollable rage. So as you make your selections for state and federal officials, I ask that you choose based on love--love for God, love for others, love for country (in that order)--and on the conviction that your choices are the best people for those offices, no matter their odds of winning or losing.

Finally, thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I know that the internet has been overloaded with political noise this year. I know how easy it is to glaze over and skip another "political post." So thank you for listening to my heart. I hope it provides a little hope and clarity for anyone who, like me, has wrestled long and hard with this year's election.

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