Monday, May 9, 2016

Writing Friend Activities

Some people think the writer's job is primarily staring out a window and daydreaming. While we might do some of that, we are often busy doing much, much more. Here's some of what my writing friends have been up to:

Brenda Anderson started a list of Christian fiction about mother's on her Facebook page here. Add some of your favorites to the list or check out the books others have recommended.

Elizabeth Goddard's latest romantic suspense, Deception, is available for pre-order! Check out all the news here.

Sharon Hinck has been posting some great blogs about finding freshness in Scripture and seeing the takeaways in life here. And while there, make sure to take time to sign up for her newsletter on her home page as well!

Carol Oyanagi also has a blog, where she tackles a wide variety of issues.

Stacy Monson is celebrating the one-year anniversary of her book Shattered Image, and there's still to participate in the giveaway at here.

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