Saturday, May 14, 2016

Suspense & Thriller: Heart Hole

The suspense & thriller genre contains fast-paced stories about characters on the run, trying to stop or survive the villain. Hardly the stuff of great theology, or so it may appear on the surface. What heart hole could such stories possibly touch on?

At first, the heart hole of the suspense & thriller genre may appear to be the desire for justice, much like with mysteries, though the suspense & thriller would specialize on bringing to justice those above the law.

But I think the suspense & thriller genre drives deeper than that. We all feel at times like evil is overwhelmingly powerful and that there is no way to withstand it. Suspense and thrillers give us hope that there are people of integrity willing to stand for right and that evil will be stopped eventually. So I think the suspense & thriller genre fills our desire for safety and protection.

Therefore we need to read suspense & thriller novels because it reminds us there is One who protects, that is the LORD, who neither slumbers nor sleeps. For He will protect us from evil, keep our soul, and guard our going out and our coming in forever. (Psalm 121)

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