Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Playlist: "The Friendly Beasts"

Okay, we're into the last week into Christmas, and I'm running out of time to share all my favorite Christmas songs. And there's still so many to choose from! But I will exercise restraint and not cram all the unshared songs into this last week.

Today's selection is "The Friendly Beasts." While my childhood's church Christmas programs don't stand out in my mind for the most part, I do remember getting to sing the donkey's verse. I was very proud about having landed the solo, though looking back it probably wasn't much of an achievement. What I do remember is working at memorizing the words and Mom playing the melody on the piano for me as I learned it.

So as a nod to children's Christmas programs, I once again present Veggietales with "The Friendly Beasts":

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