Wednesday, June 22, 2011

10 Activities for a Writer Regenerating Creativity

After finish a major project, I often find my creativity needs time to regenerate. This is not uncommon, but the ways of rebooting creativity seems to vary from writer to writer. Here are ten things that I often do during these in-between times:

1. Sleep (Creativity is ex-haust-ing!)

2. Clean House (Mindless activities gives time for creativity to rest)

3. Coloring (Yes, like with Crayola Crayons & coloring books.)

4. Walks outside (Reawakens my senses)

5. Journaling (Provides emotional decompress)

6. Handwork like crochet and weaving (The tactile reattaches me to the real world)

7. Organize (Order and structure gives boundless creativity an anchor)

8. Play a variety of games (Preferably a wide variety with other people)

9. Reading books/watching movies, old & new (Creativity sparks creativity)

10. Increase Bible Study (Creativity comes the Creator)

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