Monday, May 23, 2011

Met the Deadline—Almost

The past two months have been insanely crazy. Between two business trips (vending UTCH and MACHE), needed family time (a week and half with my sister’s family, a trip to hear my sister-in-law sing the lead in Maria Padilla), a funeral (my grandmother’s), and miscellaneous problems (book shipments gone awry, a busted waterbed, etc.), it has been a chaotic and a rollercoaster of a ride.

And in the midst of this, I had twenty chapters of my current WIP to finish revising for my teenage test readers.

Yeah. Definitely insanity.

But I was able to extend the original deadline by a week, which helped. I wouldn’t have made it otherwise. As it is I spent the night before the deadline working until 3:30 Am, typing in revisions. Not an experience I would want to repeat, but one worth having once.

Ultimately, I missed my deadline by fifteen minutes. Not the idea, but consider the past two months, I am please that I came that close. And in this case, I doubt any of my readers noticed the difference.

But now I can breathe again. Now I can catch up on the rest of life. Now I can return to blogging regularly.

I hope.


Rachel Rossano said...

I am glad to have you back. :)

Chawna Schroeder said...

I'm glad someone missed me.