Monday, November 8, 2010

Humor in a Nutshell

Definition: The juxtaposition of two (or more) unexpected or incongruous elements

Philippians 4:8 Analysis: Containing a reflection of reality—albeit a slightly distorted one like a funhouse mirror (true), humor is a gift of God to be used and enjoyed (right), often pleasing to the sense and moving to the heart (lovely). Is it any wonder then that people who make us laugh are well-liked (admirable)? Nonetheless, humor can be corrupted, as sometimes it treats people and topics with dignity and sometimes it does not (noble). As a result it can contaminate us (pure). Therefore we need to seek good humor and shun the bad.

The Marks of Good Humor:
--It mocks what is evil, not what is good.
--It mocks attitudes and actions, not office/position, intelligence or person.
--It exaggerates.
--And most of all, it is respectful at its core.

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