Monday, October 25, 2010

Marks of Good Humor, Part 8

Of the video clips I have posted thus far, the one from Sister Act is probably the most questionable. It probably will rankle the nerve of a few, and some could dismiss it as sacrilegious.

But although this clip may walk the edge, I don’t consider it sacrilegious. Why?

Because while Deloris may not want to be there, nothing she says is intended to be disrespectful. If anything, it’s her striving to be respectful and show admiration (insincere as it may be) that’s so funny. She’s not trying to insult, but everything comes out wrong because of her background. So this is more a mockery of her loose lifestyle than it is of God and the church.

And in this we see portrayed our last principle, the one creating the most definitive line in humor: Good humor is respect-based; bad humor is not.

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