Wednesday, October 7, 2009


The plot has ground to a halt. The characters have stop talking. The life has vanished from the story and so has my passion.

Not a good place to be in any work-in-progress. So what to do?

I could just throw it out, three months of work wasted. Or I could shelve it with a half-dozen others, in the hope of someday returning to it.

But reluctance restrains me from doing either. I like these characters. The plot has potential. I want to write this story…and yet I don’t. How do I jumpstart my passion again? How do I open new plot possibilities? How do I renew the desire to see these characters through the end?

Turn it upside-down.

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Brandon said...

Chawna, I'd probably have the same problem as you, but my co-author is a relentless machine...he never seems to run out of steam.

I have about 10 half finished short stories that are testimonies to the fact that I can definitely lose interest in a story...

Best of luck figuring out your own dilemma...I can only imagine a novel would be hard to leave uncompleted...