Monday, August 3, 2009

Proceed…With Caution

You know your mission? You have surrounded yourself with allies? You gathered your gear? Good. Now it’s time to move ahead—with caution.

Remember: The enemy’s territory is no place for a thrill. We spent all this time preparing because of that. So don’t throw it all away by heedlessly charging ahead.

Rather, keep your wits about you; take time to pull back if you feel like you’re getting in over your head. Put aside the book for a day. Pause the movie. Write out your thoughts, update a friend on your status, take a deep breath. And most of all, pray.

For Satan is out to get you. He wants to deceive your heart, hurt your faith, trick and trap you. So sensitivity to God’s Spirit and His leading are now absolutely imperative. Yes, Satan is wily and cunning—but God already has the master plans. He knows every trick in the book as well as how and when Satan plans to employ them.

Therefore, listen. God asks you to detour? Detour. He offers a change of plans? Change them. He tells you to abort? Do it immediately. You could be walking into a trap without knowing it.

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