Wednesday, August 12, 2009

In the List Mood

Maybe it’s because I’ve been doing so much brainstorming lately. Perhaps it’s an effect of shifting into conference mode. But I’ve been making lists here and there and everywhere. And liking it too. In fact I’ve found out that lists are some of my favorite posts to write, probably because of they’re simple and structured, but infinitely adaptable. (Now whether anyone enjoys reading my lists is another matter entirely…)

So what am I making lists of these days?

--Monthly goals. This will include everything from number of books to read and progress desired on my novel to simple tasks like cutting my hair.

--Plot points. I’m in the throes of a new manuscript, which is turning out to be (at least in my mind) quite convoluted. So I’m keeping lists of potential events, color-coded by character.

--Book reviews. Curiosity of how my reviews stack up against each other sparked a list of books by overall rating. An interesting exercise.

--Contacts. I finally have the green light to teach at my church an 11-week course on discernment in fictional media! (The stuff I blog about most Mondays) So I’m working on a list of everyone I need to contact about that.

--Obviously this list of lists I’m making.

Okay. Now your turn. Make me a list of all the lists you’d like to see on this blog—or of all the reasons I’m insane and should give up this list fetish. :o)


Andrew Clarke said...

Hi Chawna. I just dropped by to say good day. Lists appeal to me, too, but thinking of one off hand would be hard. Perhaps I'll get back to you. How's it all going with you?

Brandon said...

You could write a list of favorite short stories!

You could do Christian, one non-christian...

I'm a huge fan of short stories...