Monday, January 5, 2009

Desensitization Stage One: Rationalization

“Did God really say…?”

That’s where it all started, all the way back at the beginning. The Serpent did not accuse God of lying, nor did he contradict the command given—not at first. Instead, Satan asked one simple question: “Did God really say…?” But with that wedge he created a chasm between God and humanity that no man, except Jesus Christ the God-man, could ever cross.

But Satan’s first question was so effective that he has seen little reason to change his techniques in the thousands of years since Eve ate Eden’s forbidden fruit. He still comes to us, not in outright assault, but with a question—“Did God really say that?” Did God really say that lying is always wrong? Did God really say that there should be no sex before marriage? Did God really say that ________ is evil?

And when we fail to say unequivocally, “Yes, that is wrong, evil and sinful,” Satan has won half of his battle. We’ve agreed to consider his way and the temptation to justify is waiting for the moment we get into a tight spot.

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