Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Rush

Christmas is coming.

The signs of it are many. Fresh snow covers the ground. Twinkling colored lights decorate houses and trees. “Little Drummer Boy” or “White Christmas” greets you every time you walk into a store.

But there’s one way I can really tell that Christmas is right around the corner: My to-do list has doubled in the past week, with “urgent” items tripling.

Rooms to clean. Rooms to reorganize. Rooms to decorate.
Music to listen to. Music to play. Music to practice.
Gifts to buy. Gifts to make. Gifts to wrap.
Movies and television specials to watch.
Concerts, parties, and family gatherings to attend.
Plans to make. Traditions to carry out. Desserts to eat.

And I still have my normal work to accomplish somewhere in there. I don’t suppose anyone has a cozy igloo for rent, preferably decorated in Christmas lights and stocked with hot chocolate?

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