Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Book Tag

My friend and wonderful writer, Sharon Hinck, has decided to tag me fore a book list game. Since I love promoting Christian fiction whenever I can, I decided to play along.

The Rules

Becky Miller at A Christian Worldview of Fiction listed five MUST Read novels and five Keep Your Eyes on These novels, then she tagged five bloggers who posted her list on their site. They may add one book to each list but must also subtract one book. Finally they should tag five other bloggers and link back to the person who tagged them.


I’ve not read all these books. The ones I have read have links to my reviews. The ones I enjoyed—or are on my "to read" list—have asterisks. My additions are in bold.

Five MUST Reads

*Broken Angel by Sigmund Brouwer (WaterBrook)
To Dance in the Desert by Kathleen Popa (Cook Communications)
*The Restorer by Sharon Hinck (NavPress)
Healing Promises by Amy Wallace (Waterbrook/Multnomah)
*The Shadow and the Night by Chris Walley (Tyndale)

Five to Keep Your Eyes On
*Scarlet by Stephen Lawhead (Thomas Nelson)
On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness by Andrew Peterson (WaterBrook)
Auralia’s Colors by Jeffrey Overstreet (WaterBrook)
*Shade by John Olson (B&H)
*Stepping Into Sunlight by Sharon Hinck (Bethany House)

(I’m not tagging anyone, since my list of close friends who blog is very small.)

1 comment:

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Hey, Chawna,

I like the way you explained the lists and linked to your reviews. Excellent.

So why don't you tag (and maybe go to their blog and leave a comment so they'll know) someone from the blog tour? Part of this little game is to bring more visitors to participating sites. Of course, I know not everyone cares about that, but in your case, you do such great work, I'd love to have more visitors discover you! ;-)