Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rating Change for Book Reviews

I am finding it difficult to provide a book review rating that accurately reflects my thoughts. Sometimes a book worth reading may be only moderately good in both content and craft. Or sometimes it may be great in craft, but not in content. Or vice versa. So from now on I will split the rating into three sections, much like the review itself.

The first rating will provide the writing’s quality at a glance. Zero will equal poor quality, one to two will be moderate, three to four good, and five excellent. The second rating will work off a similar scale, this time applied to the content: hazardous, caution advised, safe, and edifying. Both of these will used in whole-number increments.

The third rating will remain much the same as in the past. It will reflect my opinion whether this book overall is worth reading. This may or may not be a combination of the previous two ratings.

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