Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Am I Forgetting Something?

Am I forgetting something?

Standing among bulging suitcases and overstuffed bags, I don’t see how it could be. I’ve packed three times more stuff than any reasonable person can use in four days.

With t-shirts and jackets, jeans and shorts, pajamas and a swimming suit—come rain or snow, I’ll be ready to go! And boredom will not be problem at all, with a doily to crochet, books to read, and paper, pens, and a laptop for writing. Then there are hairbrushes and tooth brushes, headbands and Band-aids, scrunchies and scrubies and all those things for just in case.

Still that nagging feeling persists. What else can be missing?

Oh yeah. I remember now. I do have one last thing to pack. I would be very sorry if I didn’t. For there is one thing no one should leave home without:

A brain.


Anonymous said...

What in the world are tooth bushes?

Chawna Schroeder said...

Ah, my infamous spelling errors--and the spell checkers that never find them! (insert very red face) I do read through my work, really I do.