Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Year Goals

Each year I set new writing goals. Some I will accomplish. Some I won’t. Some will drastically change before year’s end because, simply put, I’ll change.

But ultimately whether or not I accomplish everything before 2009 is of little consequence.

Why then make goals? Because goals provide me three very important things: direction for where I’m going, a measuring stick to show me where I’ve been, and incentive to keep working in the meantime.

So here are ten of my New Year writing goals:

1. Complete first draft of a new novel.
2. Read 52 books.
3. Build a website.
4. Enter two manuscripts in ACFW’s Genesis Competition.
5. Read (or reread) three writing books.
6. Attend one writing conference.
7. Revise one old project.
8. Brainstorm/plan out a new project.
9. Submit three proposals.
10. Accomplish at least three things off this list.

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