Wednesday, December 5, 2007

An Unpublished Novelist’s Christmas Wish List

Every year after Thanksgiving, tradition dictates I turn in a Christmas wish list to my parents. Writing up a wish list is always fun because, as my parents would always tell me, I can ask for anything. That didn’t mean I’d get it, but since I could ask for the impossible, I often did just for the fun, including everything from horses to boyfriends over the years. Nothing wrong with dreaming big, right?

So in the spirit of that tradition, here are ten things off my Christmas writing wish list:

1. Many fantasy and science-fiction novels.

2. A printer that never runs out of ink or has paper jams, and always prints exactly what I want every time no matter if I hit the right commands or not.

3. A gift certificate to Amazon or CBD so I can buy more books. A hundred dollars or so should keep me supplied for a couple months. :o)

4. A book contract with a multimillion-dollar advance. (Hey, I’m dreaming big, remember?)

5. More books and the time to read them all.

6. The Perfect Writing Space. What does that look like? I don’t know, but it would be a place where I never have writer’s block and the story come out right the first time.

7. Did I mention books yet?

8. A magic pen that can write faster so I can get all those ideas floating around in my head on paper.

9. Additional bookshelves (and the space to put them) to hold all those new books.

10. That one thing I write in the coming year—whether a sentence or a blog post or a full novel—will touch/change one heart for the Glory of God.

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