Wednesday, June 20, 2007

CSFF Blog Tour: Sharon on Restorer, fantasy, and show tunes, Part 1

Today it’s my privilege to welcome to my blog Sharon Hinck, author of The Restorer, a gracious friend and encouraging mentor—even if she leaves notes on the kitchen table for her characters. (Thankfully none of them have written her back. Yet.)

Sharon: Hi, Chawna!

C: First off, to prove that you are truly human, not some name on a book cover, what was the craziest thing you did concerning Restorer?

S: So I have to start off by showing my ridiculous side, eh? Okay. Minutes before leaving for the airport on my way to a writer’s conference where I’d be pitching the brand new proposal for The Restorer to agents and editors, terror suddenly squeezed every cell in my body. The only way I could muster courage to drag myself out to the car was to sing. Show tunes. Loudly.

Yep. Before leaving, I stood in my living room and belted out “Something’s Coming” from West Side Story. “Who knows....could be...there’s something due any day, I will know, right away, soon as it shows...Something’s coming, I don’t know, what it is, but it is, gonna be great.” Did I mention top-of-my-lungs loudly?

Yeah, I know. My family despairs sometimes.

However, for struggling writers, I highly recommend that song. You can check out the lyrics if you haven’t already memorized the entire score of West Side Story (like some crazy writer I know): "Something's Coming"

C: Hmm. I wonder who that could be? Personally I prefer the music and script from Hello, Dolly, but "Here, have some more beets, Horace dear," doesn't have the same ring, does it?

Now, I know that perhaps more than your other books, Restorer is your baby. What is the best part of finally seeing The Restorer published?

S: The best thing by far is hearing from readers about themes that encouraged them, characters they loved, or how they lost sleep because the story grabbed them. I’ve loved these characters for so long, it’s a blast to hear from other people who’ve gotten to meet them now.

C: Unforantely, most things also have a downside. What's the worst part of seeing The Restorer published?

S: Putting something out there that I care so much about is scary.
(Hmmm. Maybe I need to start singing show tunes again – “Cock-eyed Optimist” from South Pacific would be a good one).

C: LOL! And I thought I had a lot of show tunes crammed into my head.

So what reader do you hope to reach with Restorer?

S: Anyone who has found the journey of being a Christ-follower harder than they expected. Those who are a little weary at this point in the road, who need renewed courage, or who are struggling with the honest questions of suffering, destiny, calling, and service.

C: And what would you like those readers to receive from The Restorer?

S: C.S. Lewis said, “We read to know we are not alone.” I hope readers will be immersed in an entertaining adventure, but also be encouraged that they aren’t alone. Life DOES seem to grab us into an unexpected universe sometimes. When a friend dies of cancer, or a marriage fractures, or a child rebels, or the dream job crashes around your ears, it feels like you’ve been pulled into a completely foreign world, and asked to fill a role that can seem impossible. Sometimes we need a friend to “sing us back” from the Rhusican poison. Sometimes a novel can be that kind of friend.

C: I know that feeling! And I doubt it will be the last time either.

But now I must end my post before it becomes too long. I hope everyone will stop by again tomorrow to check out Part II!

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