Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Coming February 2020!

So things are  moving at a rapid clip for my new novel The Vault Between Spaces. I spent the first half of August working through the notes from my editor, and we also finalized a cover:

 Of course, if the cover catches your eye, the next question becomes, what is this story?

It is a fantasy for older teens and adults set in a pseudo-WWII/Cold War setting, rather than the traditional medieval landscape, and it tells the story of a young girl who intentionally gets herself arrested in order to escape from a prison camp reputed as inescapable.

Still interested? Here’s a long snapshot of the story:

Every legend must start somewhere…

No prisoner entering HopeWell ever leaves. Or so the stories go. But from the moment Oriel sets foot inside Anatroshka’s most formidable prison camp, the petite girl of fragile appearance rattles the long-held beliefs of commandant and prisoner alike.

With eyes that see beyond the surface and music that trails her everywhere, Oriel bows before neither threat nor punishment. The rebellious can be broken, the cowardly terrorized, the arrogant crushed. But what to do when defiance, fear, and arrogance are absent? Moreover, Oriel makes no attempt to hide her intention: to escape the inescapable HopeWell.

But when facades are stripped away and myths become clothed in flesh, what begins as a prison break soon morphs into a mission to prevent the invasion of evil itself.

Of course, that has snagged your attention, you can always preorder a copy now. The book will be releasing in February 2020 as a limited edition hardcover book.

You can order a copy of the book here.

That link is for Amazon. If you are looking to order an autographed copy, I hope to have a place up soon on my website soon where you can order directly from. So stay tuned for future updates!

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