Thursday, April 7, 2016

Meet Chris Walley

The first thing to strike you about the novels by Chris Walley's novels are their mammoth size, being both thick and heavy. The second is the smallness of the print. But while their length can intimidating (one book can be like reading the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy), these stories offer detailed worlds, a strong cast of characters, and some tight plotting.

While I found the opening and the ending not quite to my taste, and although I don't agree with some of the theological interpretations of the end times, Mr. Walley's books have a ton of meat to chew on, making them well worth several

Technically these books are now out of print, but I still have a few copies remaining in my stash which I will be selling at the upcoming conferences:

The Shadow and the Night
The Dark Foundations
The Infinite Day

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