Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The ABC’s of Discernment: U is for Use

As we start to reach the end of our alphabet discernment study, all the principles I’ve put forth here may seem overwhelming. How do you even begin using everything I’ve noted here?

First, learn to ask questions—many of them. The why question is especially useful as it doesn’t allow for a yes or no answer, but forces you to think out your reasoning. How is also effective, because it encourages you to practically apply the theoretical.

Second, apply in sections. A kid usually doesn’t start out reading full sentences or paragraphs, but begins with letter and sound recognition. The same is true here. Focus, for example, on applying one or two characteristics of Philippians 4:8 to your life and build from there.

Third, practice with fiction. Story is life in a compressed space. Therefore, nearly every problem or issue in life can be found somewhere in literature or film. But unlike life, books can be put down and movies paused; they can be reread or rewound. This gives you valuable time to think through a situation or problem and apply these principles to that particular circumstance.

Stirring the Pot
What can you use as a prompt to remind you to ask questions?
Which piece of discernment do you need to start working on today?
When will you practice your discernment with fiction this week?

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