Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas Playlist: "When Wise Men Came Seeking"

When I was learning piano, each Christmas I would receive a new Christmas piano book from my piano teacher. It was a tradition I looked forward to each year, and I loved learning the new arrangements. One year I received a Mark Hayes Christmas book, which included an arrangement of "Away in the Manger," "The Cradle Song" (alternate tune for "Away in the Manger"), and a carol I'd never heard of, "Normandy Carol" (also called "When Wise Men Came Seeking"). I immediately fell in love with its haunting tune, and when I found the lyrics, I found them perfect for the tune:

When wise men came seeking for Jesus from far,
With rich gifts to greet Him and led by a star,
They found in a stable the Savior of men,
A manger His cradle, so poor was He then.

Though laid in a manger, He came from a throne,
On earth though a stranger, in Heaven He was known.
How lowly, how gracious His coming to earth!
His love my love kindles to joy in His birth.

So today I give you the rarely sung "Normandy Carol":

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