Friday, August 15, 2014

Interview at the Barn Door Book Loft

One of the topics I have frequently blogged about in the past is the basics of discernment: what discernment is, why we need it, and perhaps most of all, how we obtain it.

Last year I complied these thoughts and more in a curriculum for high school students called, Bearing the Sword: Developing Discernment through Scripture & Story. Broken into fifteen five-day weeks, this first part walks through what is discernment, how we can practice it, and the biblical definition of what is good. This is done through intensive Bible study and the analysis of media, specifically pre-selected film clips.

To help promote this work, the Barn Door Book Loft is graciously featuring the curriculum on their blog this weekend—Saturday, August 16th, and Sunday, August 17th. They asked some great questions, which pulled together a nice snapshot of both my work and me as an author. Plus, if you leave a comment there, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a free copy of a complete pack of my curriculum: One manual, one workbook, one answer key, one media log, and one DVD set, worth about $65. Of course, you could save yourself the agony of waiting and simply buy the books at my website or at Amazon.

Anyway, since being an author is a solitary occupation and because this curriculum is self-published, I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to talk about the things I’m passionate about—books and discernment. So giveaway aside, I would love for you and your friends to stop by this weekend and chat up a storm.

You will find the posts here (starting the 16th) and here (starting the 17th).

Meanwhile, check out all of the Barn Door Book Loft blog—it is a treasure trove for book lovers!

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