Tuesday, February 11, 2014


During the past year and a half, I have been hard at work on several non-fiction pieces in addition to my novels. There’s been a list of 500+ Christian sci-fi and fantasy novels, for those who read voraciously genre. Then there’s been the high school curriculum, which teaches discernment and critical thinking through Scripture and story. A basic list of artwork has also been in the works throughout this time.

So I decided that since today is my birthday, I need to celebrate. And being a book lover, what better why to celebrate than with books?

Therefore, I’m making a special offer on my books from today through Sunday, February 16th. Make a purchase of $30 or more during that time, and you can choose any one of my mini-books for FREE. Just add a note in the “instructions to the seller” section of which mini-book you’d like to claim (“Practical Discernment,” “Life in the Twilight Zone,” or “Why Story, Why Speculative?”).

For more information on my books, click here.

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Ruth said...

Happy Birthday, Chawna!!!! ^.^