Monday, October 1, 2012

Exploring the Speculative Genre

The speculative genre (or “spec fiction”) can be a difficult genre, especially for those of us who are Christians.

Science fiction has been notorious for its humanistic views of life. Fantasy, with its talk of magic and those who wield it, can be cultic in nature. Both can tread in arenas that Christians are forbidden to go. So we have good reasons for being leery.

But spec fiction doesn’t have to be this way.

Science fiction can allow us to wrestle with how modern technology intersects with our ancient faith. Fantasy opens doors for exploring the vastness of God and the supernatural part of life. Both give opportunities to see the familiar in unusual settings.

Therefore, I want to try something different on this blog. During the next few months, we will examine the speculative genre and its various manifestations. We’ll unlock what this genre is, uncover its pitfalls, and promote its advantages. Then we’ll consider some real-life examples of each.

And in the end, I hope we will all walk away with a better understanding of the genre and a greater discernment with which to navigate it.

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