Wednesday, June 29, 2011


“You swim alone, climb rocks, rescue servants . . . is there anything you don’t do?”

This scene from Ever After lingers in my mind today. What is it about these words that so pull at the heartstring as Danielle flings wide her arms and utters that single syllable? How does it capture so simply yet so perfectly that unnamable desire residing in the depths of the being?

For it is not like I’ve not flown before. I’ve done so many times with the aide of an airplane. Yet it is not he same. Flying is meant to be so much more than simply moving through the air.

Flying is freedom. Freedom from the burdens that weigh us down. Freedom from a perspective boxed-in. Freedom to move about, to soar above, to explore the expanse.

Flying is soaring, tumbling, whirling with joy. Joy in living. Joy in being. Joy in doing what we were created to do.

Flying is peace, drifting, gliding, buoyed by air, cradled by the wind, unrestrained by fear.

Flying is everything life should be. Though it’s occasionally lonely and often hard work, and though storm may batter at times, a heart in flight is a heart resting secure in the hand of God Himself.

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