Wednesday, February 16, 2011

One Superpower

If you were endowed with one superpower, what would it be?

Not which superpower you would want, but if someone knew you well—your personality, your talents, your tendencies, your vices and virtues—and decided to give you a superpower based on that, what would it be? Indestructibility? Speed? The ability to bend time or manipulate space?

For a long time, I thought my superpower would be invisibility. Often I felt like I moved from place to place, through a crowd without being seen. Yet, I was seen. People talked to me. Groups involved me. No one ever sat on me. And sometimes I stuck out like a pink flamingo in a snowy landscape. Also I do not fear being unnoticed, but being forgotten or being determined to be not worthwhile—both of which require visibility.

So my problem is not one of being seen, but one of being known. Now you see me—but is it me you really see? No, my superpower is not invisibility, but blending in or sticking out somewhat on whim.

I am a shape-shifter.

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