Monday, October 4, 2010

Humor Refresher

Okay, I’ve had a month off from regular blogging, so let’s quickly review where we’re at:

During the past few months we’ve been working through the practical application of discernment to humor.

Humor, like many things, is a gray area. Some types of humor are good and healthy. Other forms are quite corruptive. So how do we know which is which? What are the marks of good humor?

First, we saw from a clip in Eloise at Christmastime that good humor mocks what is evil, not what is good.

Then, by comparing Gaston from Beauty and the Beast to Lina Lamont of Singin' in the Rain, we discovered that good humor mocks attitudes and actions, not office/position, intelligence or person.

Finally, the last thing I posted was a clip from a Tom & Jerry cartoon, Cat Concerto. But what kind of humor do they exhibit? And why?

Leave a comment with your thoughts and then next week I’ll post a few of mine.

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