Monday, August 17, 2009

The Return of Robin Parrish

After a brief rest last month, I’m back participating in the Christian Science-Fiction and Fantasy blog tour, where bloggers yak about the latest releases in Christian speculative. This month we’re featuring Robin Parrish and his newest novel, Offworld.

I was first introduced to Robin Parrish’s work during an earlier tour in 2007, when we were featuring his Dominion Trilogy (see my reviews for Relentless and Fearless). This time he mixes of supernatural suspense and near-future science-fiction, following four astronauts as they try to track down the missing population of Earth. But I’ll have more on that tomorrow, when I do my full review. I’ll also be posting a brief follow-up blog on Wednesday.

In the meanwhile, check out Mr. Parrish’s website or the blogs of my fellow tour members.

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Jason Joyner
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Eve Nielsen (posting later in the week)
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