Wednesday, July 1, 2009

10 Advantages of Unpublished Writers

As an unpublished writer, I often feel frustrated and discouraged by that lack of a contract. After all, God has led me to write these stories, and I want to believe they came into existence not only for my joy, but also for other’s pleasure and edification. Why aren’t the doors opening then? As a result restlessness and discontentment easily spring up.

So this week, to battle such noxious weeds, I’m focusing on the joys that belong to the unpublished writer’s life:

10. I don’t have to live up to any expectations generated by previous work.

9. My writing friendships develop for friendship’s sake—not because I’m “famous.”

8. If I fail to meet a deadline, the only schedule screwed up is my own.

7. No one demands free books because my books aren’t published yet. :o)

6. I have time to try new techniques and develop my own method for writing.

5. Like in singleness (I Corinthians 7:32-34), my state frees me from the cares of this world (e.g. pleasing an editor), allowing me to focus wholly on what God wants me to do.

4. I can dabble with a wide variety of styles, genres, and voices, pressure-free.

3. My daydreams of publication are yet unmarred by the experience of hard reality; anything is possible.

2. I can experiment to my heart’s content without worrying about what others will think if my project turns out to be a complete flop; I’m free to “fail.”

1. Every day is a one of anticipation of God’s working. And who knows? That just might include a contract today. :o)

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