Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Gift

I'm being featured on a blog.

It is almost more than I can grasp. While I have plenty of dreams of being published and my books doing well someday, that day is still sometime in the future. Probably far into the future. Yet one of the members of the Christian Sci-fi & Fantasy tour, Rachel Starr Thomason, has graciously decided to feature me on her blog--for three days!

One would have been amazing enough. After all, the world does not see me as anyone special. I'm just another unknown trying to land that agent and first publishing contract. But Rachel has devoted the next three days to me on her blog. (Please go see her; I don't want her to be disappointed!) Today she's writing on my experiment with the home school market. Then tomorrow she'll show off one of my essays, and Friday will highlight my recommendations in Christian speculative fiction.

Wow. God has been doing thing beyond my wildest imagination. Again. His gifts never cease to amaze me.

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