Monday, May 4, 2009

Re-sensitization Step 5

Re-sensitization can take awhile, and on some occasions, the problem of desensitization will never be completely fixed, forming a personal limitation. But how can you tell?

That’s where this fifth step of re-sensitization comes in: reintroduction of problem areas. The only way you can know is by testing the waters. But don’t plunge in head first! Rather, try out the problem areas in small increments. For example, if violence is a problem area, start with a two and a half hour movie with a couple fight scenes—not a weekly program with a dozen shootouts.

Then follow up with regular check-ups. How do you react? Do old habits and attitudes resurface? Does your relationship with God or others suffer?

Also keep extra guardrails in place. Have a trusted friend to keep tabs on you, especially after an encounter with a problem area. Ask someone who has read or seen the story about what you should expect. Check out reviews, like those on Movie Guide. Then you will be able to make informed choices if that is a place you should go yet.

And finally, don’t be afraid to return a book, turn off a show, or walk out of a theater. A little embarrassment and a few wasted dollars are a small price to pay compared to the damage of desensitization.

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