Saturday, April 11, 2009

Eternity’s Edge

Title: Eternity’s Edge

Series: Echoes from the Edge #2

Author: Bryan Davis

Genre: Teen (13-16) Alternate Reality/Sci-fi

Excerpt from “A Stalker,” Chapter 1 of Eternity’s Edge:

Nathan strode down the hospital hallway, his brain focused on a single thought—finding his parents. Once mutilated and dead in matching coffins, now they were alive. He had touched his father’s chain-bound arms through the dimensional mirror and felt his loving strength. He had heard his mother’s voice and once again bathed in the majesty of her matchless violin.

Yet, the beautiful duet they had played at the funeral had once again become a solo. He had failed. The dimensional portal collapsed, and there was no word from Earth Blue as to whether his parents might still be in the bedroom where they had sought rescue from their captivity.

He sat down on a coffee-stained sofa in the waiting area and clenched his fist. His parents were real. They were alive. And now he had to move heaven and earth, maybe even three earths, to find them.

With three parallel worlds on the verge of crashing, a teen boy and his friends cross universes to stop it.

The Craft: Mr. Davis delivers another mind-bending adventure in Eternity’s Edge. Better paced than Beyond the Reflection’s Edge, the story has settled into rhythm and lacks much of the confusion that this series fought in the set-up.

The characters are more distinct and easier to keep separate. The world switches track better, and the events…well, they’re still a little confusing, but then what do you expect with a mind-bender novel?

Interesting to me, with the premise now established, Eternity’s Edge sees an increase of character development, especially in Nathan Shepherd. Good? Bad? Only the next book will tell.

The Content: As in book one, Eternity’s Edge has a spiritual thread, but it’s a thread that undergirds rather than overtly binds the story together.

That makes for good reading (in my opinion) as it challenges readers to dig and eliminates most, if not all, preachiness. Instead we see sacrifice, the power of non-romantic love, overcoming fear, determination against great odds, and learning the place of boundaries in life vividly portrayed on these pages.

There are a couple nebulous characters, of whom it’s difficult to tell whether they’re trustworthy. However, overall good and evil are clearly separated.

Violence is a factor in this book, although it seems less than book one. On the other hand, the loss of likeable characters adds a darker timber to the story.

Summary: Do you like a good mind-bending read? Are you older than eleven? Do you have some spiritual maturity to separate good and evil and handle some questionable characters/situations and unresolved issues? If you answered no to any of these questions, you might reconsider picking up Eternity’s Edge. Otherwise, grab it and enjoy!

Rating: Craft—4, Content—4, Overall—4.1 stars out of 5

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