Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Snapshot of Life

After a month of preparation and anticipation, I have completed my trip to Salt Lake City, Utah. And as always, God proved faithful bringing everything together exactly on time.

Does this mean I sold a ton of books and acquired a hundred new fans of my blog?

No. But schedules came together, shipments arrived, and travel went safely and smoothly. I got to promote a genre I love. I heard stories of people who liked one book I sold them last year so much that they bought the rest of the series. I taught for over five hours on a subject I’m passionate about—discernment in media—to an unusually receptive group of people, who were very patient with my inexperience when I exceeded my time by forty-five minutes

(Yes, forty-five minutes. What can I say? I’ve never prepared a talk longer than 15 minutes before and as I've said, I’m very passionate about this. And in my defense, I gave them the option of ending on time.)

So I learned some and gave some. Expectations were disappointed and exceeded. I experienced highs and lows, failures and successes, illnesses and health. In short, my trip was a snapshot of life, with me dependent on the faithfulness of my God and the generosity of others, as always.

(My book table at the UTCH conference)

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