Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What to Write About?

Another week has passed and once again the time has come for me to write another blog. I stare at the blank page, wondering, questioning. What will I fill the lines with today?

I am supposed to be providing glimpses into the writing life, but how many ways can I say the same thing? For each writing session is mostly like the ones before and the ones after:

Sit down. Stare at the blank page. Try to imagine what is happening. Search for words to describe what I hear and see.

But words elude.

Pace. Go drink a glass of water. Pace more. Get frustrated. This just isn’t working! Toss a sentence or two on the page. Reread it. Hate it. Cross it out.

The clock ticks. The heat hums.

Squeeze eyes close to block out distractions. Make a headache. Must write something. Throw more words down. Start to cross it out.

Wait. That phrase isn’t too bad, especially if I change a word here and there. More scribbling. A sentence becomes two, a paragraph, a page. This isn’t going too bad—

Screech! The mind puts on the brakes.

Teeter on the edge of endless blankness. Try to imagine, find words to describe. They elude. Pace. More water. Get frustrated, throw down a sentence, cross it out.

And so it goes on, hour after hour, day after day. About as unexciting as you can get. Why would anyone want to hear about that? Which leaves me with my original problem: What will I write about today?

Maybe I should just go drink another glass of water.

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