Wednesday, November 26, 2008

10 Things I’m Thankful For

Here in the United States, we’ll be celebrating a day of thanksgiving tomorrow. So in honor of that holiday, ten things I’m thankful for in my writing world:

1. The privilege to handle the powerful tools of language. During the last year, I’ve been impressed over and over again with the power of words, spoken and written: People are listening—often when I least expect it.

2. A network of friends and acquaintances, both writers and “normals,” whose persistent questions about my work often kept me on track.

3. The completion of a manuscript in under a year. A year ago I would have said that was impossible, especially with all the unexpected interruptions, distractions, and other time-eaters I’ve battled.

4. Reading books and watching movies aren’t leisure or time-wasters—but part of the job.

5. Sharon Hinck’s unbound enthusiasm for my work and especially for Metamorphosis. I doubt I would have had the courage to tackle more than a few chapters of Metamorphosis without it.

6. Continued progress toward publication. Within the past year, I’ve received affirmation from a published author who knows me only in passing, my first request for a full manuscript, the nicest rejection letters, and requests for more proposals than ever before.

7. Though writing can be lonely, I don’t write alone—whether brainstorming with my dad, receiving critiques from another writer, or the hand of God the Creator on my shoulders as I struggle to create order out of chaos.

8. My parent’s support, emotional and financial. Because of them I had the chance to pursue this field of writing and pursue it with a freedom and focus not otherwise possible.

9. My Genesis win, an unexpected—and somewhat unnerving—gift. I entered the first two chapter of an incomplete manuscript on a last minute whim, hoping for some good critiques. What I received was much bigger.

10. God, my Lord and Savior. He is so patient with my stumbling, despite which he provided all these gifts and so much more during this past year, including the courage, hope, and encouragement for me to keep going forward when I often faltered, despaired, and wanted to simply give up. To Him all thanks is due.

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Brandon Barr said...

Hi Chawna,

I was inspired by your post. Keep writing.

As a fellow writer trying to make it, I toally relate to how lonely it can be. We put so much effort and thought into our writing, and yet, only a few people read them (Friends, family)

But God's in control. He's given us our passion to write. He has a plan and a purpose...small or large.

I'll have to stop by your blog again. Where is your "follow this blog" link??? :)